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All academics, PhD students, and PhD candidates are welcomed to participate in the Tricontinental 2017. For participation, paper abstracts with clearly written objectives, methods, sources used and potential findings in a maximum of 300 words shall be sent to:


Participants are kindly asked to indicate whether they would like to be a panelist, panel chair, or panel discussant in sessions they think of joining. Panel proposals will also be taken into consideration. The deadline for abstract submission is September 15, 2017. Paper abstracts will be evaluated by the members of the Organizing, Scientific and Ethic Committees. Assessments by the committee members will be in the way of acceptance or rejection. Papers accepted will be announced on September 30, 2017 on the conference website. It is firmly unacceptable that an already published paper be presented in the Tricontinental 2017. All the work submitted by the participants must be original. Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings. A limited amount of accommodation opportunities are available on the campus. Registration fee is 50 USD (VAT included). Lunch and coffee will be served tween the panels. Conference stationary will be provided. A limited number of participation scholarships will be granted.




Recipient: Yeditepe Üniversitesi Döner Sermaye İşletmesi

Bank Name: Yapı Kredi

IBAN: TR38 0006 7010 0000 0050 3196 19

Please write on Name-Surname- Siyaset Bilimi



Recipient: Yeditepe Üniversitesi Döner Sermaye İşletmesi

Bank Name: Yapı Kredi

IBAN: TR76 0006 7010 0000 0092 8550 84 

Please write on Name-Surname- Siyaset Bilimi


Paper Format:

1.         The heading of papers must be centered as well as written in word.doc format and in bold. The name of the author shall be at the right, just below the heading. The academic title, institutional affiliation and e-mail shall be given respectively in a footnote.

2.         The typeface should be Times New Roman, 12pt. in size. Tables, footnotes and references should be relayed in 10pt. size.

3.         The paper should be sent in word.doc format, blocked according to an A4 paper size. Margins should consist of 2,5cm while the header and footer should be 1,25cm. There must be spacing between paragraphs. The indent: 0 cm, 6pt space-before: 6pt space-after, using single line spacing.  

4.         The APA format must be used for references.

5.         Tables and graphics need to be individually numbered, giving their sources directly beneath the table or graphic in size 10pt. Original documents, photos, images, manuscripts, maps shall be presented in an appendix.

6.         The word count has to range between 5.000 and 7.000 words.